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Travel Photo Contest Winners Announced  

Ethiopian landscape during sunset

Amatullah Shaw's photo of the Ethiopian sunset.

Diplomacy graduate student Amatullah Shaw's stunning sunset over Lalibela was one of three winners in the spring break Travel Photo Contest, sponsored by the Office of International Programs. Shaw traveled to Ethiopia during spring break as part of the African Union Study Tour organized by the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. "I had never seen a sunset like that in my life," Shaw remembers. "It was an amazing feeling." The colorful moment she captured reminded Shaw of a scene from Marvel's Black Panther and the majestic Wakanda sunsets. "While Wakanda is fictional," Shaw concedes, "I knew this African sunset was real, and honestly, pictures did not do it justice."

Two students standing in front of a pyramid

Devin Smith and Efrain Vellejo in front of the Teotihuacan pyramid.

Devin Smith, a junior majoring in international relations, also posted a winning photograph on Instagram. Smith posed with his best friend and fellow Pirate, Efrain Vallejo, at the base of Mexico's Teotihuacan pyramid. Smith and Vallejo were traveling to a wedding and were able to take some side trips which included stops at three world heritage sights. Recalling the moment his winning photo was taken, Smith said he and Vallejo had just climbed the Pyramid of the Sun and were a little out of breath. "It's the tallest Mesoamerican pyramid in the Americas," Smith explains. "It was a challenging climb, but it was incredible to take in the views and experience an ancient civilization."

Student sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower

Rishi Shaw sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Zeke Meyers' photograph of Stillman junior Rishi Shah sitting near the Eiffel Tower was also noticed by contest judges. Shah's beaming expression says it all. He remembers having one of those -- How did I get here? moments. "We had just arrived in Paris after a red-eye flight and this was when it clicked. I'm here!"

Photographs shared by Shah, Shaw and Smith were among the entries posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #hallabroad in March. The contest spotlighted the destinations students visited on faculty led study tours to Ethiopia, Ireland, India, Florence and Rome. Photos also came in from spring break adventures students were having with friends and family to destinations as far away as Australia.

The winning photographs were selected from a group of finalists featured on SHU Stories on Instagram. Followers were invited to vote for their favorite pictures. The three winners each received a $25 gift certificate to the Seton Hall Bookstore.

"I was very happy that so many students shared their exciting travel photos with us," says, Maria Bouzas, director of the Office of International Programs. "We want to see more Seton Hall students participating in study abroad and other travel opportunities, and we're here to help them get there."

The Travel Photo Contest will return in the fall. Students will have an opportunity to share their favorite images taken during their summer travels. Once again, the contest will be using #hallabroad. In the meantime, students are invited to start planning their next travel adventure, by reaching out to the Office of International Program which sponsors faculty led tours, student exchanges and many other study abroad opportunities.

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