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Memory used by the JVM, heap and non heap.
Average CPU load of the last 20 seconds on the whole system and this Java Virtual Machine (Lucee Process).

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The documentation here aims to provide a thorough reference for the Lucee Server. You will find reference material on Lucee tags, functions, components and objects. You can reach the online version of the Lucee Server documentation here.
Debugging Information
Template: /esports/index.cfm (/cust/webroot/site8/esports/index.cfm)
User Agent: CCBot/2.0 (
Execution Time
322.9 ms      Total
62 Templates Executed
Implicit Variable Access
130 Implicit Variable Accesses
Datasource Information
28 Queries Executed (Total Records: 206; Total Time: 226.3 ms; Total Open Connections: 1)