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Masters in Public Relations
Master of Arts (M.A.)

Public Relations

The Master of Arts in Public Relations program prepares confident, ethical leaders to make change happen in a dynamic environment. Students develop integral research, planning, implementation and evaluation skills in the context of ongoing change, issue and reputation management for organizations of all sizes. The program’s areas of emphasis are:

Tying theory to practice

Graduate students are invited to join our student-run PR firm, The Litore Agency. Often serving in project management roles, students gain first-hand experience in the practical elements of PR, client relations and strategic planning.

Connection to industry leaders

Our close proximity to New York City provides access to our illustrious alumni plus leaders in a variety of PR roles and organizations – some of whom serve as guest speakers and mentors.


Our Career Center can help you identify interesting job opportunities and prepare for a stellar interview.

1:1 Advising

Our dedicated faculty assist you throughout your Master's Project journey, both supporting your work and pushing your boundaries further.

By The Numbers

  • 30 Credit Program
  • 14 Miles from the Heart of the PR Industry
  • 255K PR Jobs Available by 2024
  • 40% Higher Salary for PR Pros than the Median Income
M.A. Public Relations
Brianna Bell

"I selected the M.A. in Public Relations program at Seton Hall to learn advanced communication techniques and work with graduate classmates, some of whom are leaders in the PR field."

Brianna Bell
B.A./M.A. in Public Relations Student


Program core (12 credits)

Our program core covers the essential topics required for practitioners to operate in a global environment. By tying theory to practice throughout our curriculum, students see not just what PR leaders do but also understand why they do it.

  • COPR 6000 - PR Research and Reporting
  • COPR 6002 - Global Perspectives
  • COPR 6003 - Theory and Principles of PR
  • COPR 8003 - Strategic Planning and Practical Applications

Master's Project I and II (6 credits)

Critical thinking and creativity are tested in our capstone courses when students are challenged to research a topic of their choosing and implement a tactic to be tested in the PR industry. Student complete their project with both a written report — ready for conference submission, if desired — and a self-authored artifact that demonstrates their impact on the field.

Elective courses (12 credits)

Students may choose from PR-focused courses, such as Reputation Management, Nonprofit Communication, Crisis Communication, or relevant courses from our Communication Master's Degree curriculum.

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A dynamic community comprised of scholars, theorists, critics, and professionals, Graduate Studies within the College of Communication and the Arts provides students with dynamic and immersive learning experiences blending theory and practical components that permit students to recognize, test, and translate course material into academic, professional, and workplace settings.

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