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Data Visualization and Analysis

Mixing mathematics with computer science and psychology, this pioneering certificate program provides the skills and knowledge that information workers need to succeed. Through lessons on data analysis, visualization and cognitive psychology, students learn to collect, analyze and communicate complex information in eye-catching ways. It’s an important skillset that many industries are looking for — from marketing, finance and health care, to business, psychology and sociology. Students may complete this certificate at Seton Hall or entirely online.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Undergraduate and graduate certificates are offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Psychology.

Elyse Carter - Art Director

”The DAVA program gives us the foundation and training to understand how people receive information and how to clearly convey information using best practices in the industry today.”

Elyse Carter
Art Director, Seton Hall University


In both the online or on-campus versions of this program, students learn to translate data into visually striking presentations. Courses include statistics, data mining, visualization and cognition, as well as an internship. Through these varied lessons, students practice preparing real-world data for storing in databases, analyzing data with statistics and machine-learning tools, and using visualization to study data and present findings.

The certificate is earned by completing 15 course credits and an additional 3-credit internship, for a total of 18 credits.


  • PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology (minimum grade of C-), or equivalent (not required for students registered as online students)
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA: 2.75
  • Graduate admission to Seton Hall University
Data Visualization and Cognition (6 credits)
DAVA 7000 Data Visualization
PSYC 7214 Cognitive for Visualization
Data Analytics (6 credits)
DAVA 6010 Data Mining
PSMA 6002 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (or BIOL 6113, CHEM 6212, GMHS 7500 and 7508, HCAD 6002, PSYC 6100 and 6200 for majors with these courses)
Practical Experience (3 credits)
DAVA 8011 Intern in Visual Analytics
DAVA 8021 Project in Visual Analysis
PSMA 7991 Internship
PSMA 7992 Practicum
PSMA 7993 Research Seminar
Elective ( choose one of the following 3-credit courses)
COGR 6323 Presentation Graphics
COST 7220 Effective Presentations
EDST 6215 Computer Graphics
EDST 6304 Production I: Visual Communication Design
GMHS 7604 Survey Design in Health Care
PSMA 6003 Public Policy Process, Analysis and Evaluation
PSMA 6005 Financial Management and Control
PSMA 6009 Managerial Decision Making

Faculty Listing

Faculty from both the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Psychology are involved in this certificate program.
Nathan Kahl
Nathan Kahl
Associate Professor, Mathematics Graduate School Adviser
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Bert Wachsmuth posing
Bert Wachsmuth
Associate Professor
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